Mai maikatsutani story 1068x351

Mai is a skilled artist who creates beautiful Taiwan stories with her hand painted illustrations. She then fashions her illustrations into cards, posters and other products. We have been working with her to produce some of the prints and try very hard to match her colors and expectations.

High quality prints from her original watercolor paintings from card sizes to large posters to hang on your wall.

You can see more of her work on this link:

Photos courtesy of Mai.

Paola Campanelli story-1068x351
Design elements: Getting it ‘just right’

Paola Campanelli

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Germany. 

Design for business cards, Signage and Appointment cards.


I was introduced to Paola by a friend, and we have been communicating via email and social apps to achieve the look she wanted for her Traditional Chinese medicine practice in Germany. It has been a pleasure working with her as we discovered the right look for her cards and signage together.


Paola’s experience:

“Before a friend put me in touch with Roma, I had tried to design my own business cards. I am so glad I did not go with those attempts! I really valued Roma’s creativity and how she could transform the simple piece of calligraphy I provided into a beautiful, layered design. The first drafts resonated with me straight away. The process that followed, that of finalising all the details, took various emails back and forth between us; during this time I appreciated Roma’s patience and commitment to getting it ‘just right’. As well as business cards, Roma designed matching appointment cards and a practice sign.”

Joanna Long story
An Artist’s Portfolio

Once in a while we get to work with artists who wish to transform their creations into a product. The process of moving from art to product is often a long and explorative one. Artists seek much more than a standard specification for design and print. Their creations are sacred and need a lot more attention to detail.

We are working with artist Joanna Long and her beautiful artwork to create a portfolio. Here is what she says about her experience.

“It is always a pleasure, as an Artist, to collaborate with Roma on design and print projects. Her creative direction reflects years of experience and offers a confidence as well as a superbly keen eye for the way things come together.

She is intuitive and truly feels into what the Artist needs as well as knowing when to contribute suggestive ideas. She is gentle in her offerings and opens up much space for discussion around how projects creatively evolve. I felt a tremendous trust in her capacity to hold and manage the project I was working on – and am always impressed by her efficiency and attention to detail. There is a beautiful blending that exists here, between artistry and design – somehow the boundaries merge – and this is a quite rare gem to find; this is no ordinary printing service.”

Joanna Long

The Sound of Tea
  • Logo & Collateral for an exclusive selection of teas from Taiwan.
  • Includes web design, illustrations, packaging and name cards

Taember Tea is an artisan selection of teas from Taiwan. The founder, Huei-ling, started out as a living room business, and loves to share her selections of quality teas with people. “Tea is also a perfect way to connect with friends. No need for a designated driver. Creating a ritual around tea is a great way to calm and focus our minds and to settle down after a long day. I hope it will become your tradition and your lifestyle as well.”

~ Huei-Ling, Seattle, USA