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Design Stories Taiwan


Mai是一位技藝精湛的藝術家,她以手繪插圖創作美麗的台灣故事。 然後,她將她的插畫製作成卡片、海報和其他產品。 我們一直在與她合作製作並努力達到她要求的成品色彩和期望。

以她的原創水彩畫製作成高品質的印刷品,尺寸從卡片到掛在牆上的大海報。 你可以從以下這個連結上看到更多她的作品

Mai is a skilled artist who creates beautiful Taiwan stories with her hand painted illustrations. She then fashions her illustrations into cards, posters and other products. We have been working with her to produce some of the prints and try very hard to match her colors and expectations.

High quality prints from her original watercolor paintings from card sizes to large posters to hang on your wall.

You can see more of her work on this link:

Photos courtesy of Mai

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Design elements: Getting it ‘just right’

Paola Campanelli

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner based in Germany.

Design for business cards, Signage and Appointment cards.

I was introduced to Paola by a friend, and we have been communicating via email and social apps to achieve the look she wanted for her Traditional Chinese medicine practice in Germany. It has been a pleasure working with her as we discovered the right look for her cards and signage together.


Paola’s experience:

“Before a friend put me in touch with Roma, I had tried to design my own business cards. I am so glad I did not go with those attempts! I really valued Roma’s creativity and how she could transform the simple piece of calligraphy I provided into a beautiful, layered design. The first drafts resonated with me straight away. The process that followed, that of finalising all the details, took various emails back and forth between us; during this time I appreciated Roma’s patience and commitment to getting it ‘just right’. As well as business cards, Roma designed matching appointment cards and a practice sign.”

Integrated Marketing – 整合營銷

Integrated marketing is like taking your marketing program out of cruise control and punching it into hyper-drive. At Sir Speedy, we’ll help strategize, design and implement an integrated marketing program that serves your business objectives as well as your budget. Popular integrated marketing channels include:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing
  • Website design and integration
  • Mobile marketing
  • Promotional products
  • Corporate identity
  • Brochures
  • Signs, banners and posters
  • More

整合營銷就像是將您的營銷計畫從漫無章法中解放,再強勢加入驅動能量。 在 Sir Speedy,我們將幫助制定戰略、設計和實施整合營銷計劃,以滿足您的業務目標和預算。 流行的整合營銷渠道包括:

  • 郵件廣告
  • 電子郵件營銷
  • 網站設計和整合
  • 移動營銷
  • 促銷產品
  • 企業形象
  • 型錄
  • 標誌、橫幅廣告和海報
  • 更多的

Custom Solutions
Custom Solutions – 定制解決方案

We offer a full suite of solutions focused on our core abilities. We can offer a set of our discrete services or products specific to your needs and requirements. Do you already have a good logo, but want to leverage that on your business stationary as well as digital marketing assets? We can bring it all together for you.

我們提供一整套專注於我們核心能力的解決方案。 我們可以根據您的需要和要求提供一系列獨立的服務或產品。 您是否已經有一個好的標誌,但想在您的企業文具和數字營銷資產上利用它? 我們可以為您整合所有內容。