An Artist’s Portfolio

 為 2021 年台北藝術展設計的藝術家作品集。

有時,我們會與希望將他們的創作轉化為產品的藝術家合作。 從藝術到產品的過程通常是一個漫長而具探索性的過程。 藝術家尋求的不僅僅是設計和印刷的標準規範。 他們的創作是神聖的,需要更多地關注細節。我們正在與藝術家 Joanna Long 與她美麗的藝術品共同創作一個作品集。 以下是她所說的關於她的經歷。

作為一名藝術家,在設計和印刷項目上與 Roma 合作總是一種樂趣。 她的創意方向反映了多年的經驗,並為事物融合的方式提供了信心和敏銳的洞察力

她直覺敏銳,能真正感受到藝術家的需求,並且知道何時提出建議性的想法。 她提供了體貼的服務,並提供很大的空間討論創造性及發展。 我對她掌握和管理我正在從事的創作的能力感到非常信任——她的效率和對細節的關注總是給我留下深刻的印象。 在這裡,藝術和設計之間存在著一種美麗的融合——不知何故,邊界融合了——這是一個非常罕見的瑰寶; 這決不是普通的印刷服務。

Joanna Long

Once in a while we get to work with artists who wish to transform their creations into a product. The process of moving from art to product is often a long and explorative one. Artists seek much more than a standard specification for design and print. Their creations are sacred and need a lot more attention to detail.

We are working with artist Joanna Long and her beautiful artwork to create a portfolio. Here is what she says about her experience.

It is always a pleasure, as an Artist, to collaborate with Roma on design and print projects. Her creative direction reflects years of experience and offers a confidence as well as a superbly keen eye for the way things come together.

She is intuitive and truly feels into what the Artist needs as well as knowing when to contribute suggestive ideas. She is gentle in her offerings and opens up much space for discussion around how projects creatively evolve. I felt a tremendous trust in her capacity to hold and manage the project I was working on – and am always impressed by her efficiency and attention to detail. There is a beautiful blending that exists here, between artistry and design – somehow the boundaries merge – and this is a quite rare gem to find; this is no ordinary printing service.

Joanna Long