The Sound of Tea


Taember Tea 是來自台灣的職人精選茶。 創始人Huei-ling以客廳生意起家,喜歡與人分享她精選的優質茶飲。茶也是與朋友聯繫的完美方式。No need for a designated driver。 圍繞著茶來創造一種儀式是讓我們能平靜和集中注意力且在漫長的一天後安定下來的好方法。我希望茶會成為你的傳統,也能成為你的生活方式。

~ Huei-Ling, 美國西雅圖

  • Logo & Collateral for an exclusive selection of teas from Taiwan.
  • Includes web design, illustrations, packaging and name cards

Taember Tea is an artisan selection of teas from Taiwan. The founder, Huei-ling, started out as a living room business, and loves to share her selections of quality teas with people. “Tea is also a perfect way to connect with friends. No need for a designated driver. Creating a ritual around tea is a great way to calm and focus our minds and to settle down after a long day. I hope it will become your tradition and your lifestyle as well.”

~ Huei-Ling, Seattle, USA