Sir Speedy Custom Solutions
Graphic Design – 平面設計

We develop, conceptualise, and create graphics based on your project requirements. And then we provide you with the optimal solution for your printing and finishing needs.


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Brand Development – 品牌策略

You’ve got your marketing strategy. Now you need the creative to execute on it. At Sir Speedy, we provide the graphic design capabilities to turn your vision into a reality.

The following is a short list of how we can assist you:

Graphic Design | Logo Design | Copywriting | Brochures

Direct Mail | Print Ads | Outdoor Advertising

Newsletters | Press Releases | Website Design

在您執行您的營銷策略計畫之際,Sir Speedy將提供您最完整的影像平面設計,從而實現您的營運願景。


平面設計 | 商標設計 | 文案 | 型錄

郵件廣告 | 平面廣告 | 戶外廣告

廣告推播 | 新聞發佈 | 網站設計

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Conceptual Design – 概念設計

We can work with you to develop the perfect design meant for your business or project. Are you trying to find a great logo design? Or how about the artistic concept for a really important event or show? We’re here to help you get things done.

我們可以與您合作開發適合您的業務或項目的完美設計。 你想找到一個偉大的標誌設計嗎? 或者一個非常重要的活動或表演的藝術概念如何? 我們在這裡幫助您完成。

Packaging Design – 包裝設計

How you present yourself when customers first receive your products is important. We have decades of experience designing and producing packaging in all types of materials.

當客戶第一次收到您的產品時,您如何展示自己很重要。 我們在參與許多設計和生產各種材料的包裝方面擁有數十年的經驗。

Direct Marketing Design
Social Media Marketing – 社群媒體營運

Need logos and backdrops for your social media accounts? We can do that quickly and easily so you can focus on your customers and clients. Our professional development team can fully integrate your online marketing assets with the top analytics and search engine properties.

您的社群媒體帳戶需要徽標和背景嗎? 我們可以快速輕鬆地做到這一點,因此您可以專注於您的客戶群。 我們的專業開發團隊可以針對您的在線營運資產加以高級分析,並以搜索引擎屬性完全集成。

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SEO Marketing – SEO營銷

Search Engine Optimization and SEO Marketing are necessary tools in todays business. We can assist you in everything from coordinating the wording in print and online materials, to making sure that your website and social media accounts are all perfectly integrated and automated to provide you and your team with the best analysis and feedback from any of the top search engines and their related marketing platforms.

搜索引擎優化和 SEO 營銷是當今業務中必不可少的工具。 我們可以在所有方面為您提供幫助,從協調印刷和在線材料的溝通,到確保您的網站和社交媒體帳戶都完美集成和自動化,為您和您的團隊提供來自任何熱門搜索的最佳分析和反饋 引擎及其相關營銷平台。

Direct Marketing Design
Direct Marketing – 郵件廣告

Direct marketing can help you reach your targeted audience more effectively. By tailoring your message to appeal to the individual needs of everyone you reach, you can boost sales, create loyalty and maximize your ROI.

We can help you create a direct mail postcard, brochure, flyer or newsletter, that provides a personalized line of communication between you and your customer. Savvy business owners know how important it is to maintain and nurture their customer relationships for the long-term sustainability of their businesses. Using variable printing technologies we can transform the information you already have — name, address, spending habits — into a personalized, printed piece that can generate leads and sales, faster.



Creative Services – 創意服務

We have a team of professionals that do best-in-class work. Whether you need Graphic Design, or help in just how to do a layout for your new sales campaign – we’ll help you get it done.

我們擁有一支專業團隊,他們的工作是一流的。 無論您是需要平面設計,還是幫助您為新的銷售活動進行佈局 – 我們都會幫助您完成。

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Brochures
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Ads
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Website Design 
  • 平面設計
  • 標誌設計
  • 文案
  • 型錄
  • 郵件廣告
  • 平面廣告
  • 戶外廣告
  • 通訊
  • 新聞稿
  • 網站設計
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Digital Marketing – 數位營運

Sir Speedy can handle every kind of digital marketing asset. From full website design and integration, online advertisements, eDMs, Digital Signs, SEO Campaigns and more. Let our team get you there today.

Sir Speedy 可以處理各種數位營運資產。 從完整的網站設計和整合、線上廣告、eDM、數位標牌、SEO 活動等。 讓我們的團隊引領您達成。